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Chronic back and leg pain don’t always respond to traditional approaches like oral medication because pills just temporarily mask the issue rather than dealing with the affected nerves head-on. That’s why Precision Pain Management, LLC, offers innovative spinal cord stimulation systems, including the Nevro HF10®. Spinal cord stimulation interrupts pain signals to ease your pain. Skilled pain management specialist John Coccaro, MD, and his team are ready to help in their Toms River, New Jersey, office now. Call the office or book your appointment online now.

Spinal Cord Stimulation Q & A

What is spinal cord stimulation?

In spinal cord stimulation, an implanted small device called a spinal cord stimulator interrupts pain signals in your spine and legs. At Precision Pain Management, LLC, Dr. Coccaro uses the latest state-of-the-art spinal cord stimulators, including the Nevro HF10 and Boston Scientific systems.

Spinal cord stimulation gives you excellent pain relief without any dangerous medication or surgery.

How does spinal cord stimulation work?

The tiny spinal cord stimulation device delivers mild electrical impulses to your spinal cord. These impulses interrupt the nerve pain signals, calming the nerves, and preventing pain.

Some spinal cord stimulation devices replace the pain signals with other sensations, such as tingling, buzzing, and other possibly unpleasant effects. But, the top-rated devices that Dr. Coccaro uses at Precision Pain Management, LLC, are different: You get nerve-calming and pain relief without the unpleasant replacement sensations.

The spinal cord stimulator can work around the clock to stop the pain signals and help you live a more full and active life.

How do I get a spinal cord stimulator?

After determining that a spinal cord stimulator is a good option for pain control in your situation, Dr. Coccaro first schedules a trial run with the device.

Spinal cord stimulator trial

In the trial run, Dr. Coccaro implants tiny flexible wire leads just under your skin, close to your spinal cord. These leads connect to the neurostimulator device, which Dr. Coccaro attaches to your back with a surgical bandage.

You use a handheld device to control the spinal cord stimulator, turning it on as needed when you feel pain. But, it’s safe to leave it active all the time. This means little-to-no daily remote control usage.

Typically, you wear the spinal cord stimulator for 7-14 days, at which time you and Dr. Coccaro can discuss moving forward with a full-time implant. Usually, at least a 50% reduction of pain during the trial period means that this is a good treatment option for you. In patients who tried a spinal cord stimulator trial, nine out of 10 chose to move ahead with the full-time implant.

Permanent spinal cord stimulator implantation

In the spinal cord stimulator procedure, Dr. Coccaro removes the external stimulator and replaces it with an internal stimulator. As with the trial, this is generally an outpatient procedure.

Once you have the permanent spinal cord stimulator, you can expect the battery to last for as long as 10 years.

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