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Dr. John Coccaro and his staff have changed my life. I had struggled with addiction for roughly 10 years on again and off again. I was at the point in my life that I wasn't doing drugs to get high or have fun anymore I was just taking drugs to get by and stay even so I could be a functioning, or at least my version of functioning, human being. I have tried every way possible to stop using drugs on a daily basis and take back my life. I had seen other physicians and every medication out there to possibly help. It was until the day I was referred to Dr. Coccaro's office by another patient that had successfully gotten the help she needed. She told Dr. Coccaro about my situation and he told her to bring me in so he could talk to me.

What was different this time over every other time was, Dr. Coccaro himself. He sat and spoke to me for I don't know how long. The wonderful staff would knock and let him know he had other appointments and they would fill in the other rooms and speak with the patience while Dr. Coccaro sat and spoke to me. We put a plan together and started it that day. Before he left the room he stood up gave me a hug and said "We will get through this together but I can tell you're going to fine!" I could tell he actually meant it and wasn't just giving me lip service. I left that day feeling like something was different.

His staff would call me once a week until I went back to make sure I was fine and see if I needed to speak with Dr. Coccaro, he wanted me to know he was there, but he was right, and I was ok. It has been 3 years I am now 100% a different person then I was the day I met him. I thanked him every time I saw him for changing my life and I still thank him to this day. I hate to say it but without Dr. Coccaro I fear I would be in a jail cell or a cemetery so I literally owe him my life and could never thank him enough.



In my life of being to various doctors I feel I truly have never met a facility such as this. This doctor not only blew me away with his patience, he was so compassionate in the way that he spoke to me and explained things. I have been dealing with excruciating pain. For the first time in months I had tears in my eyes from happiness. This doctor actually listens to you and lets you ask questions . I do not want to sound like a drama review but I cannot tell you enough good about my experience. If you are suffering please make an appointment with this wonderful doctor. I was in so much pain on my preliminary visit yesterday that he wouldn't even let me leave his office this way. He took care of me immediately and I did not expect this. I for the first time, in so long, woke up this morning with relatively no pain in the area he is taking care of. You have no idea what this means unless you truly suffer with horrible pain that no other doctors have been able to fix. And I was under a supposedly good doctor's care for a long time. That doctor dismissed me. He could not help me. In my opinion Dr. Coccaro is an angel working on Earth. God sent him here and brought me to him. I cannot believe I'm writing this post without any pain. I went there yesterday with pain ranging between an 8 - 10. I am if even, 1-1 1/2. He took his time to explain every single little thing to me. He looked at my films he explained them in detail. He in no way is aggressive with thoughts of surgery. Incredibly pleased that he is not a doctor to just fill you up with medicine because I absolutely did not want to take that route. I cannot say enough good things. I would leave this man a 100 star review if I could. Another thing you normally cannot find in a doctor's office with several people working there is the amazing personalities on every single person I dealt with. I have never been to a Pain Management Center so I did not know what to expect. The friendliness and the calm way they speak to you is mind-blowing in this office. They even came into the room a couple of times when he had to leave just to check on me. Thank you dear God for this wonderful office and these wonderful people that I will keep in my prayers. Me: 25 years National Academy of sports medicine trainer. Triathlete. Very strong and I do not give in to pain easily. Do not feel like you are weak if you are referred to pain management. In my opinion is a sign of strength on your part and you are actively doing something to take care of yourself. Please don't let yourself suffer. I feel like a different person already. No I'm sorry I feel like myself again. Thank you Dr. Coccaro & staff :) God bless you all. 




Can't say enough good things about the Doc and the entire staff. First Dr in 20 plus years, that actually "talked to me" and more importantly, "listened". What a relief. Everyone is so friendly and considerate even when it's crazy busy. I know, because I keep'm busy AND drive'm crazy. It's kinda what I do.




They are the nicest people the doctor and staff treat you awesome




Dr.John is truly a great M.D. I suffer with back, and hip pain. He takes the necessary time to explain all of my options, and I feel that he treats me like I am his only patient. Rare to find in the Medical field these days. Honesty, above all is his greatest quality. If anyone needs pain management, I highly recommend Dr. John Coccaro!




Dr Coccaro runs a very professional practice. Ive had the pleasure of meeting him, and he is thoughtful and caring beyond words to describe. I have yet to hear one negative remark regarding dr Coccaro, he comes very Highly recommended in his field! He deserves 10 starts, not 5!



Dr Coccaro is a wonderful Dr. His methods for pain management are great. He explains his procedures in detail and lets you know exactly what is being done. I was so nervous about my procedure but Dr Coccaros calm and professional way of explaining things really put my mind at at ease thank you Dr Coccaro.



Dr. Coccaro is in my honest opinion one of the best doctor's that I ever had the pleasure of meeting. In the time that I've been going here I've learned that not only is he great at any procedure that he has preformed on me even just as little as being very light handed with injection's to someone who has a fear of shots. I also learned that he truly takes the time to listen and that is something you don't find today. He also cares about his patients future in trying everything possible to avoid having them permanently on pain medication. For the people who complain about waiting so long, just take into consideration that he is the only Dr and if he didn't take his time for each patient then that would take away his credibility in being such an amazing Dr. His staff is just as wonderful!!



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