My Philosophy


My philosophy on Interventional Pain Management employs a simple and pragmatic approach to the control of pain. It is direct and precise by isolating and treating one pain source or pain generator at a time. My approach avoids dogmatic thinking such as a "series of three" when it was evident the first of three showed no improvement or promise of relief at all. Listening to the patient problems is the essential beginnings of my interaction with a patient and is paramount to my approach.



A treatment plan follows only after an extensive and detailed history is obtained, a directed and extensive physical exam is performed and an accurate assessment and review of all imaging including X-rays and MRI with the patient is made. The consent is then informed and agreed to.

Narcotic play a minor role in my management. Of course there are instances and conditions where narcotics play a part in pain control. Rather a non-narcotic regimen is used and avoids issues such as tolerance, dependence, addiction, narcotic side effects and complications.

I insist on communicating with and involving your primary care physician so as to assist in and avoid complicating your medical management of conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. My approach may help you to avoid traditional open back surgery in favor of a minimally or less invasive interventional technique and eliminate protracted hospital stays and long term complications.


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