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Pain management physician John Coccaro, MD, has dedicated his career to caring for and treating patients in pain. His years of training in multiple disciplines have brought him to Precision Pain Management, LLC, in Toms River, New Jersey, where he uses it as the focus of all of his experience and knowledge.

Dr. Coccaro came from a working-class family and learned early on through hard work, diligence, and discipline that any dream was within reach and so pursued a medical education abroad at St. Georges University School of Medicine. His Brooklyn roots followed him to the great state of New Jersey where he sought and found that same sense of community. He studied the principles and practice of General Surgery while at Monmouth Medical Center, where he gained unique insights into care and therapy of trauma and neurosurgical patients. At the end of those intensive three years of surgical training, his technical skills had been finely honed.

It was at St Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, a true learning center of excellence, where his passion for anesthesia and interventional pain medicine was fostered and he quickly found those surgical hand skills made him well-suited to become a precision interventionist. As a resident physician, he developed a great interest and appreciation for pediatric regional anesthesia and adult pain medicine, and performed thousands of procedures in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain using ultrasound and fluoroscopy.

His philosophy on interventional pain management employs a simple and pragmatic approach to control pain. It is direct and precise by isolating and treating one pain source or pain generator at a time. This approach avoids dogmatic thinking such as a "series of three" when it was evident the first of three showed no improvement or promise of relief at all. Listening to the patient’s problems is the essential beginning of his interaction with a patient and is paramount to his approach.

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